Amenorrhea is the absence of menstrual bleeding and may be primary or secondary.

      Primary amenorrhea is the absence of menstrual bleeding and secondary sexual characteristics (for example, breast development and pubic hair) in a girl by age 14 years or the absence of menstrual bleeding with normal development of secondary sexual characteristics in a girl by age 16 years.

      Secondary amenorrhea is the absence of menstrual bleeding in a woman who had been menstruating but later stops menstruating for 3 or more months in the absence of pregnancy, lactation (the ability to breastfeed), cycle suppression with systemic hormonal contraceptive (birth control) pills, or menopause.

The word "amenorrhea" is compounded from three Greek roots "a-", no + "men", month + "rhoia", flow = no monthly flow. Amenorrhea is less commonly called amenia.

If you are not pregnant and your amenorrhea is due to hormonal imbalances and irregular ovulation, try this recipe to regulate your cycle.

15 drops Virginian cedarwood essential oil
  6 drops coriander essential oil
10 drops clary sage essential oil
12 drops rose essential oil

Put the essential oils into a dark glass bottle and shake well. For the following applications, dispense the concentrate using a pipette or eye dropper (available from pharmacies).

How to use this Concentrate

Bath: Add six drops of the concentrate to your daily bath. Or, take the bath at least three times a week in coniunction with massage and dry inhalations.

Massage: 25ml sweet almond oil, 10 drops of the concentrate. Massage a little of the oil into your abdomen immediately after your daily bath or shower.

Dry Inhalation: Put a few drops of the concentrate on a tissue and inhale at intervals through out the day: This supportive treatment should be used in combination with aromatic baths and massage oil.

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