Main oils: Lemon, Geranium, Rose, Eucalyptus

Several essential oils are haemostatic, i.e. they help to stop bleeding by speeding up the coagulation of the blood. The most useful of these is oil of Lemon, though Geranium and Rose have similar, though less powerful, effects.

Diluted oil of Lemon can be used on all cuts, grazes and minor injuries to stop bleeding. Either pour it simply over the wound, or if the cut is deep and bleeding continues, soak a wad of gauze in the dilute lemon and press it firmly against the wound. NEVER USE OIL OF LEMON UNDILUTED IN SUCH CIRCUMSTANCES. It is powerful enough to 'burn out' warts and verrucas, so dilute it in boiled and cooled water to 1% to 2%. Freshly squeezed lemon juice can be used just as effectively. Lemon is a good antiseptic which makes it doubly helpful for minor injuries, and it can be used mixed in equal proportions with Lavender to reinforce the antiseptic property. For more serious injuries, use Lemon as first aid until qualified help arrives.

Nosebleeds can be halted by soaking a pad of gauze in dilute Lemon oil, or lemon juice and pushing this as far up the nostril as possible. Let the person with the nosebleed lie down quietly until bleeding stops.

Bleeding following the extraction of a tooth can be minimised in the same way, by pressing a lemon-soaked swab over the gum. Alternatively, some lemon juice or dilute oil of Lemon can be held in the mouth for a while. It should not be swilled around like a mouthwash, as the disturbance will prevent the blood clotting.

Oil of Cypress helps to reduce excessive menstrual bleeding (see also under Menstruation) and there are a number of oils recommended for haemorrhage, but they should be regarded as first-aid measures only, and the cause of any internal bleeding must be investigated by a doctor or other suitably qualified person. Anti-haemorrhage oils include the two already mentioned, and Geranium, Rose Eucalyptus and possibly Myrrh.

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