There are a number of devices available for vapourising essential oils in a room, the simplest of which is a 'burner' with a lower compartment in which to place a nightlight, and a dish-shaped section to be filled with water, on which about a dozen drops of essential oil are placed. The heat of the nightlight gradually evaporates the water and essential oil(s) as a gentle steam. They may be made of glazed or unglazed pottery or ceramics. Never leave the lighted candle unattended and do not let all of the water evaporate from the bowl, as it may crack.

A similar device, using a candle with a metal saucer above, is also available, but we do not recommend using this kind, as essential oils alter when in contact with metals other than stainless steel. Yet another form is heated by a very small electric element, and this is used with essential oils alone (no water).

Other ways of vaporising essential oils include using electrical apparatus such as a Hot Bowl, or an 'Aromastream', a light bulb ring or a simple saucer of water. A Hot Bowl is heated by an electrical element, like an oil burner the essential oil is placed on top of water in the bowl. The 'Aromastream' does not use heat or water, instead the oils are placed on a filter and a fan used to disperse the essential oil into the air. A light bulb ring is used by putting a few drops on the ring and then placing upon a light bulb. The ring should be placed on the bulb before it is lit so that both the ring and bulb heat up together.

Alternatively a few drops of the essential oil on a shallow saucer of water, and place the saucer on a radiator or a sunny windowsill, so that the water will gently heat and the essential oils evaporate.

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