50 grams coconut oil
20 grams almond oil
25 grams rosewater, orange-flower water or distilled water
20 drops essential oil(s) of your choice.

This is a richer cream. Valuable for dry skin and very good to use after sunbathing.


Weigh all ingredients accurately. Put the almond and/or other oils in a bowl, which should be either stainless steel or Pyrex. Put the water or flower water in another bowl, and place both bowls in a large shallow pan of water over a gentle heat. Stir the bowl containing the oil(s) and wax until all ingredients are melted, then turn off heat.

Start adding the water to the oil mixture, a drop or two at a time, while beating with a rotary whisk. Continue to add the water very gradually, beating all the time, in the same manner as making a mayonnaise. When all the water has been absorbed into the oil/wax mixture, stop beating at once. If using an electric mixer, set it on the lowest speed, as over-beating can make the cream separate.

Finally, stir in the essential oil and put into a jar or jars. Leave in a cool place or fridge until set. Alternatively, divide the cream into several small jars before adding the essential oil, in which case you can use a variety of different oils in each jar.

These amounts make a relatively small amount of cream. Once you have mastered the technique, you can double or treble the quantities to make larger batches. These creams will keep for quite a number of weeks as the essential oils act as natural preservatives, but if making large batches, keep in the fridge until needed, and then dispense small amounts into individual jars.

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