Benzoin, Myrrh, Patchouli.

Cracked skin, for example the cracks which may occur in dry, hard skin on the heels, or cracking of the hands due to extreme weather, exposure to water, detergents, outdoor work and so forth, can be effectively treated with Benzoin. Other useful oils are Calendula and Lavender.

If there is any sign of infection in the cracks, use Benzoin with or without one of the others, neat in very small amounts until the infection has cleared. Otherwise, the best method is to add the oils to a rich cream, which you may make yourself or buy, as the cream will help to restore suppleness to the skin which will prevent more cracks appearing.

If you are treating cracks where the skin is damp, Myrrh is the best choice and can be combined with Benzoin or Lavender to promote healing.

For cracked lips, Benzoin mixed into a salve without any other essential oils can be applied several times a day.

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