This type of skin, which lacks moisture, is often confused with the 'dry' skin that lacks natural oils (sebum), though a shortage of oils may contribute to dehydration, since the surface layer of sebum helps to conserve whatever moisture is present in the skin.

Dehydrated skin often feels tight and cold, and wrinkles easily. You are most likely to observe this kind of skin in older people, but Central Heating and Air Conditioning are making it far more common.

Lack of oil and lack of moisture are both connected with endocrine imbalance, and essential oils which help to correct such imbalances should be used.

250 mls Rosewater
10 mls vodka
2 drops Camomile


Put the vodka into a clean, dry bottle, add the essential oils and shake until dissolved. Add the water or floral water last and shake well. Shake well before using each time. Use the highest proof vodka you can obtain.

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