Canarium LuzonicumPlant/Part: Bark (Source: Philippine Islands)

Latin Name: Canarium Luzonicum

Family: Burseraceae

Extraction: Distillation

AROMA: Somewhat like frankincense with a slight hint of lemon.

PROPERTIES: Antiseptic, balsamic, cicatrizant, expectorant, fortifying, regulator, stimulant, stomachic, tonic.

CHEMICAL CONSTITUENTS: Terpineol, elemicine, elemol, dipentene, phellandrene and limonene.

PRECAUTIONS: No special precautions are needed, but elemi oil can be irritating to a sensitive skin.

BLENDS: Myrrh, frankincense, labdanum, rosemary, lavender, sage, cinnamon, and other spice oils.

Digestive: tones the stomach and improves digestion.

Genito/urinary: tones the urinary tract and helps to cure cystitis.

Respiratory: antiseptic, helps to expel mucus, used for coughing, bronchitis, catarrh, flu.

Skin/hair: helps wounds and cuts to heal, encouraging the growth of new skin cells. cools inflammation. helpful in fungal infections (like athlete's foot or candida). has a rejuvenating effect. balances sebum secretions and helps to normalize both oily and dry skin.

Emotions/mind: soothes the nerves, relieves nervous exhaustion. "promotes harmony within oneself and with others." (r. wilson) focuses the mind, increasing mental clarity.

Other: activates the immune system, restores the body's strength after an illness.

A tropical tree up to 30m high that yields a resinous pathological exudation with a pungent odor. Although it is called a gum, it is almost entirely made up of resin and essential oil. Essential oil is extracted by steam distillation from the gum. Native to the Philippine Islands and the Moluccas, where it is also cultivated. A member of the Burseraceae family, known locally as "Pili". By making incisions into the bark the resinous gum is collected. The gum is only produced during the rainy season when the leaves start to develop.

Like Frankincense, Elemi Oil has a tonic and stimulating action on the system. Useful as a skin care oil and claimed to have rejuvenating qualities. It has a long history of use in medicinal and cosmetic formulas. The ancient Egyptians used Elemi in preparations used during the embalming process.

The gum or oleoresin is used locally for skin care, respiratory complaints and as a general stimulant. it is very effective for all chest infection and it is very helpful for anybody who is stressed, especially when stress has led to exhaustion.

Elemi can be useful with respiratory complaints such as bronchitis, dry cough and excess mucus. It is also helpful in cases of heavy perspiration, cuts, wounds and skin infections. Elemi oil is said to rejuvenate the skin. It can be used in cases of nervous exhaustion and stress related conditions; it gives a feeling of peace.

The resin gives an oil with a pale yellow hue and a delightful citrus like aroma with undertones of spices. It also blends well with many oils including Frankincense, Ginger, Orange and May Chang. It is a harmonising oil for body, mind and spirit. Its relaxing properties make it useful in a blend at the end of the day. Also useful in skin care.

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