All the essential oils classified as cephalic are thought to aid the memory, especially Rosemary which has enjoyed this reputation for many hundreds of years, hence 'Rosemary for remembrance'.

The area of the brain which registers smell is very closely connected to the area which is involved with memory, and both are situated in the oldest part of our brain: the part which was already well developed in our most primitive ancestors. This would seem to suggest an explanation of why perfumes and smells of all kinds can so powerfully and mysteriously trigger complete recall of past events and emotions.

Researchers have learned that memory recall at least doubles when a past event is associated with a smell. Thatís why a whiff of a fragrance can send you back in time and carry with it images and feelings associated with that event. Next time you need help accessing some elusive fact, aromatherapy can trigger your memory. And modern Japanese research confirms Rosemary is a brain stimulant. Other mental stimulants are Sage, Basil, and Bay.

One recent experiment suggested that events and facts could be recalled with Aromatherapy. Inhale one of the recommended essential oils while you are studying for a test or attending a class. Then, when you need to recall the information, simply smell the same scent. The results are by no means conclusive, but it should be fun trying this out for yourself.

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