Olbas Oil is a blend of essential oils which gives off a vapour that helps clear congestion. It also acts as a counter-irritant, relieving pain when applied externally.

Olbas Oil Decongestant Ingredients:

Cajuput oil oil BPC


Clove oil EP


Eucalyptus oil EP


Juniperberry oil BPC


Levomenthol EP


Dementholised Mint oil BP


Wintergreen OIl BPC


Olbas OilOlbas Oil is a blend of pure plant oils for the relief of bronchial and nasal congestion, hayfever and minor infections of the respiratory tract by inhalation. Olbas Oil also relieves the symptoms of muscular pain and stiffness including backache, sciatica, lumbago, fibrositis and rheumatic pain by application to the skin.


How to use Olbas Oil:

Not recommended for babies under 3 months old.
Ensure that hot water is kept out of the reach of children.
Always follow the instructions on the box.
As an inhalant for adults and children aged 2 and over:

Put 2 or 3 drops of Olbas oil onto a tissue and inhale to clear painful sinuses and nasal congestion. Supervision is necessary with young children. At night sprinkle 2 or 3 drops onto a tissue placed inside a pillowcase or onto the pillow itself for all night relief.

Children 3 months-2 years: Place 1 drop on a tissue and hold close to, but not touching, the child and allow child to breathe in the vapour. At night place 1 drop on a tissue and place in the room out of the child's reach The recommended dose may be added to hot water and the vapour inhaled, but should not be left in a child's bedroom overnight

As a rub for muscular pain:
Apply with gentle massage to the painful area three times daily. 2 or 3 drops added to your bath water will help relax and soothe muscles.

If symptoms persist see your doctor.

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