PeanutBotanical Name: Arachis hypogeae

Aroma: Like Pecan, it is extremely light in aroma with a slight fatty, nutty quality.

Viscosity: Thick and leaves a very oily film on the skin.

Absorption/Feel: Leaves a Heavy, Oily Film on the Skin.

Color: Virtually Clear.

Shelf Life: 12 Months.

Notes: Peanut oil should not be used by anyone that has an allergy to peanuts. Because of its oiliness, it is said to be a good choice for inclusion in massage blends.

Peanut Oil contains approximately 17% saturated fat, 50% oleic acid (an omega-9 fatty acid), 25% linoleic acid (an omega-6 essential fatty acid), and less than 1% alpha linolenic acid (an omega-3 essential fatty acid).

Peanut organic oil is of great use for medicinal purposes. The oil is also known for its culinary use. It is extensively used in the Southeast Asian cuisine. The oil is extracted from peanut, the botanical name of which is Arachis hypogeae. It has come into prominence owing to the numerous health benefits it provides. Thick in texture, it leaves an oily feel on the skin.

Peanut oil has a very light nutty aroma that has brought it in the list of popular base oils, which are also known as carrier oils. In United Kingdom, it is marketed as 'Groundnut Oil'. When used as carrier oil in combination with fresh lime juice, it works wonders in protecting the skin from ugly acne marks and black heads. It is preferred amongst other cooking oils for its high smoke point.

Peanut oil has a high content of palmitic acid, oleic acid, and linoleic acid. An interesting fact about Peanut oil is that it was firstly used as a source of fuel for the diesel engine. The use of this oil is not recommended for those people who are allergic to peanuts. Peanut oil massage is extremely beneficial for people suffering from Arthritis.

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