Making your own perfume with essential oils can be so much fun as well as extremely satisfying. Create your own special signature scent that makes you feel fabulous all day long.

These natural perfumes can enhance a good mood, chase away a bad one, relax you, awaken you! You can feel glamorous, exotic, confident, utterly feminine - or all of these!

These aromatherapy perfume recipes are simple to make and easy to follow. Find your favorite essential oils by clicking the link on your left and check their profiles to see which oils blend well with it. The ideas below are a simple guide for you to get started, but it must be kept in mind that it is easier to add more essential oils to a blend to make the fragrance stronger, than it is to dilute the blend in order to tone the fragrance down. For this reason it is better to rather add too little of an oil, and to top up later if you are looking for a stronger fragrance.

One cardinal rule you should always follow, is to write down the recipe, as you are mixing it, as it often happens that a person would prepare a wonderful fragrance, only to find that they cannot remember the quantities or the oils used in the mixture.

The 'All Alive' perfume
4 drops sweet orange
10 drops lemon
6 drops tangerine
8 drops frankincense
5 drops neroli
1 drop myrrh
11 ml alcohol/vodka or
11 ml jojoba oil for a oil based perfume.

Place the base into your mixing container and add the ingredients in the order listed and mix. Bottle and use. You can reduce the base, but do note your concentration will then exceed 15%.

Essence of the East

3 drops Coriander
1 drop Frankincense
3 drops Juniper
4 drops Orange

See below for blending instructions.

Sensual perfume for women

5 drops coriander
6 drops bergamot
4 drops neroli
1 drops jasmine
3 drops rose
10 ml jojoba oil

Place oil base in mixing container, add oils in the order listed and mix. Bottle, cap and leave one week before using.

Empress of the Nile

2 drops Cinnamon
3 drops Lime
4 drops Rose
5 drops Ylang Ylang

See below for blending instructions.

Loving Care

2 drops Linden Blossom
3 drops Lime
2 drops Neroli
3 drops Sandalwood

See below for blending instructions.

These are just a few examples, be experimental, find which Essential Oils work best for you, but above all have fun with it!!

Blending Instructions:

You will need: Measuring spoons, a small funnel and some small colored bottles or a perfume sprayer if you have one.

Firstly we start with the base. You can use alcohol or a carrier oil but a mixture of both is ideal. An odorless spirit such as Vodka is the best choice along with Jojoba. Jojoba has a long shelf life and once it's on the skin it tends to dry out leaving your wonderful scent behind.

As Jojoba is the most expensive carrier oil I recommend that while you are experimenting you use one of the cheaper, odorless carrier oils such as almond oil or apricot kernel oil. Once you are happy with your experimenting you can then blend using jojoba oil.

  • Measure 1 teaspoon of your carrier oil (jojoba, almond or apricot kernel) and 1 teaspoon of alcohol (Vodka), using the small funnel, into your bottle.
  • Add the essential oils from your chosen recipe one drop at a time. You may need to use a dropper if your essential oil bottles do not already have dropper measures in them.
  • Shake the mixture well after adding each drop.
  • Put the lid on tightly and store in a cool, dark place for a minimum of 12 days shaking at least 3 times each day.
  • Enjoy!

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