Inability to conceive may stem from many and varied causes, and not all of them are likely to respond to aromatherapy treatment. However, there are several areas in which essential oils can be very helpful.

Quite often failure to conceive is linked to an irregular and scanty menstrual cycle, which makes the time of ovulation difficult to predict, or ovulation and periods may be completely absent. Rose is an oil which has a special affinity with the female reproductive system, and is an uterine tonic and cleanser. It is very effective in regulating the cycle, which suggests an action on the ovaries as well as the uterus. Geranium is another oil which has a balancing effect on hormonal secretion, and can also help in bringing about a regular and predictable pattern of ovulation and menstruation.

Rose has also been said to increase the sperm count in men where this was low, so it may be beneficial for both partners to use Rose in massage and baths when trying for a baby. Trying unsuccessfully to have a baby obviously creates many stresses and tensions, and these in turn set up a vicious circle where the tension becomes another obstacle to conception. Regular massage and bathing with relaxing oils can break this chain. Bergamot, Clary Sage, Jasmine, Neroli and Rose, in Varying combinations or in alternation are all recommended. Regular massage is the greatest help to a relaxed attitude, because the contact with the therapist can contribute as much as the mental/emotional/ physical action of the oils.

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