There are one or two aromatherapy first-aid methods which will relieve the pain of toothache until the sufferer can get to a dentist. The classic method is one known to many people who otherwise know nothing of aromatherapy - to put a little Oil of Cloves into the cavity of the painful tooth. Clove acts as a local anaesthetic, and is also a very powerful disinfectant which can help to prevent infection of the root until proper dental treatment is possible. Put a drop of Clove on a cotton-bud and apply to the tooth. If there is a large cavity, for example if a filling has fallen out, or the tooth is broken, put one or two drops of Clove oil on a small twist of cottonwool and press into the cavity. When the anaesthetic effects wears off, the Clove oil can be re-applied.

Another method, perhaps more helpful for a dull ache than an acute pain, is to make a hot compress with oil of Camomile and place this over the cheek. The compress can be renewed as it cools. This is the best method to use if an abscess is forming, or you suspect that it might. The heat and the action of the Camomile oil will not only ease the pain, but will help to draw infection to the surface so that the abscess will clear faster, and the tooth can then be treated.

See the entries under ABSCESSES, also COMPRESSES for methods of making and applying.

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